Garrison Model Show - Camden Fort Crosshaven

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Re: Garrison Model Show - Camden Fort Crosshaven

Postby Georgeconna » Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:17 pm

Get a Boat next time JD , or a Parking Enforcement person from CCC might sort it.



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Re: Garrison Model Show - Camden Fort Crosshaven

Postby martay » Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:29 pm

That looks amazing lads, really would love to have been there but i had to go jump out of a plane, i get so little time off im building two kits now for the last 4 months or more, fatherhood and work is time consuming, trying to get a bit done now and catch up online here too. Good to see ya there in Cork George and bloody hell you have really build up the RC collection man, that F4U and the A10 are sweet looking !!! really want to try to hit this next year when the Bub is older, it would make a great day out. That 12 year old kids dio is very good and there was some beauty's on show, Dennis's cars look really nice and the waterford stuff was top notch as ever, would have loved to see the Rc boats in action, great idea with the big pool. Brians work looked deadly would love to see them up close, so much detail man! Also the RC Cessna Cub looked very well, very similar to the Cessna 180 that i started my skydiving out of. Waynes collection was very impressive, man so much to look at am sad i could not attend, but im making the date for next years, and i may even get to finish a build and have something new to show :lol: ! Thanks for the cool shots lads.
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