Moson Show 2016

Model related events around Ireland... or close to it.
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:41 am

I saw these on fb the other day and wow!
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:33 pm

Man alive,that is some show, awesome stuff on display there, love that Kharkov dio, cheers for posting these [smilie=thumb.gif]
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Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:43 pm

Some unreal modelling on show there. Thanks for posting Lukasz.

Vinny [smilie=thumb.gif]
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Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:35 am

Lovely photos :o)b
The show grew quite a lot since 2001, when I've been there for the last time :lol:
Great location for the Central European modellers, not too handy to get there from the end of the world, though...
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