Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

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Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

Postby d_anonymous_modeller » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:23 pm

Came across this on Twitter earlier, I don't know if they still have a model show anymore.Maybe Winters can fill us in if he still comes on the forum.Great memories from our day out years ago.


Important News Regarding Spitfire display.

This post goes out to all my aviation buddies regarding an event taking place in Listowel in Co.Kerry over the May bank holiday weekend in 2016. The Listowel Military Tattoo 2016.

As some of you may be aware a team is currently building a full scale replica of a Spitfire to honour and comemorate the Irish Pilots involved in WW2. This replica will be on display in Listowel during the weekend.

However what some of you may or may not know is there will also be a second Spitfire on display that weekend.

I have been asked by the organiser of this second spitfire display to look into the potential addendence numbers for it.
Firstly the spitfire in question will not be a replica but a real airworthy Spitfire HF9 from Aerolegends in the UK.

The plan is to have the aircraft Based at Farranfore Airport in Co.Kerry where it will be open to anyone who wishies to visit it during the weekend.
Along with Photo-ops, getting as close as you want to it, a walkaround of the aircraft and the pilot been available for a chat, they plan to lay on finger food and refreshments etc as well as some entertainment.
They will also provide transport from Listowel to the airport.
There maybe tickets made available for purchase for the event at a future date. We could be talking in the region of €50 but this isn't confirmend.

This has the potential to be a very memorable day for anyone who wants to attend. And it's very likely we may never see another flying Spifire on this island for some time again given current insurance issues.

What i would like to ask all of you is that if this is something that may interest you or others you may know. Please Let me know by private message or comment/Like.
Please note i will not be forwarding on names it's just to get an idea of numbers. If you have any questions you can email the organiser at it's just to get an idea of numbers.

A commitee meeting is taking place in the next few days and we want to show that there is an genuine interest in this in order for them to move forward with it preparations.

If you can help by spreading the word of this event it would be very much appreciated. ... o/?fref=ts

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Re: Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

Postby Georgeconna » Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:34 pm

Twitter Eh, Is that on the new phone dude?

Airshows are dying man, The Cull is on, Even the Sea side shows are in threat ,Dawlish in the UK aint going ahead next year. see link. others will follow.

€50 to see a spit on the deck and some Crisps, Does not say it is doing a display either? Seems a bit expensive side for a walkround?

Maybe chuck in a nightshoot with prop running / Wet ramps and I might travel.

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Re: Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

Postby d_anonymous_modeller » Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:30 pm

Jayzus that's not good news on the airshow front.The night shoot is a fab idea George but no doubt if it does come they wouldn't come up with that idea themselves.Word on the street (well ok hands up ... word on the bog) says it'll be Spitfire Beer,Pork Scratchings & Mackies Haggis & cracked black pepper posh crisps.50 Schnots is a bit on the steeps side,guess they have to cover the cost of flying it over from the UK,good luck with that.

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Re: Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

Postby d_anonymous_modeller » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:24 am

I got an email this morning on this event on another forum.
Hi, my name is Denis Carroll, PRO for the Listowel Military Tattoo,
087-0556586 & 087-1697077.
Our event takes place on April 29th to May 2nd this year. This is our 5th
year of the Tattoo. Our ethos is to honor all those who gave their all in
the line of service.This year we will be honoring RAF Pilot, "Francis
Victor Beamish" who was from Dunmanway Co. Cork. He was killed in action.
We the Listowel Military Tattoo members along with tradesmen & other
volunteers are currently building a full size replica Spitfire (static
display) which will be unveiled by the Beamish Family on Saturday April
30th. There is a huge story behind Beamish, he along with his 3 brothers
all played Rugby for Ireland & Victor also played for the Lions. Wikipedia
Francis Victor Beamish.
We also have a Veterans Parade followed by a Wreath Laying Ceremony which
is conducted by foreign Ambassadors, Ministers, & various Legions. General
Paul Fry has been a regular guest at our event. This event is concluded by
a flypass which has been conducted by the Coastguard for the past few years
and this year we are delighted to have a genuine WW2 Spitfire No. TD-314
coming over from the UK to do the flypass and also fly over both
Ballybunion & Listowel for the week-end. She will be hangared in Farranfore
Airport . We would appreciate it if you could circulate this amongst your
members & staff. We have 2 FB pages, "The Listowel Military Tattoo" & "The
Listowel Spitfire" if you want more detail or you can contact myself, Denis
Carroll. I have attached a link to the RTE's "Nationwide" which was shot
last May in Listowel at our event. ... lr3rEgOFhs

Looks like the Spitfire is coming so.A bit of history on the Spitfire :

Spitfire HF9 TD314

TD314 was built at Castle Bromwich in late 1944 and fitted with a Merlin 70 as a High Level Fighter (HFIXE). She was one of the last high back Spitfires built as the production line switched to low back aircraft in February of 1945. She was delivered to 33 MU at Lyneham on 30th March 1945, transferring later that month to 30 MU before a further move to 6 MU where she was prepared for service with 183 (Gold Coast) Squadron at Chilbolton on the 24th June 1945. 183 squadron only kept its Spitfires for a short time before re-equipping with Tempests.

TD314 moved to 234 (Madras Presidency) Squadron at Bentwaters on 26th July 1945, it is in this squadrons colours that she is currently finished with the squadron codes of FX-P. Whilst with 234 squadron it is possible that TD314 took part in the 1945 Battle of Britain flypast over London. When 234 squadron converted to Meteors TD314 was transferred to 29 MU at High Ercall for disposal on the 27th February 1946.

In early 1948 TD314 was selected as one of the 136 Spitfire IXs to be sold to the South African Air Force and she was sent to 47 MU RAF Sealand where she was packed for shipment, leaving Birkenhead on the SS Clan Chattan 23rd April and arriving at Cape Town on the 12th May 1948. Details of her use with the SAAF are not known but she was sold for scrapping to the South African Metal & Machinery CO, Salt River, Cape Town, sometime during 1954. She remained in the scrap yard until recovered by Larry Barnett of Johannesburg in 1969. From there she passed through the hands of several owners before arriving in the UK via Canada in 2009. Acquired by Aero Legends in 2011, restoration commenced at Biggin Hill culminating in a first flight on the 7th December 2013. TD314 is heavily featured in the new Haynes manual on Spitfire restoration having its picture pride of place on the front cover. TD314 has been named “St. George” which is prominently displayed on the fuselage.

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Re: Listowel Military Tattoo May Bank Holiday 2016

Postby d_anonymous_modeller » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:11 pm

Just a reminder for anyone interested in the Huey.The Helicopter Fly In is on tommorow & the Huey is on the way & stopped off at Waterford to refuel en route.It was on the ground at 17.00 local.I can't make it tommorow due to being on a night shift tonight.Good luck to anyone going.
Oh the Bombshell Bell are playing there on Sunday night.

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