Independence Day ....B-2 Spirit

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Re: Independence Day ....B-2 Spirit

Postby Barry » Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:48 am

Again thanks for the kind comments.. Much appreciated..
@ vinny it was a brand called ghiant and came in a nice large can.. I'm guessing at least double to a humbrol can and it cost 10.95.. Good value as I'd say it will last a good while.. Still loads left even after doing this monster!
@dennis I have a rather large display unit and it'll sit nicely on top with the other oversize stuff.. But man you'd want to see her face when I came out of the room with it in hand! She's not a fan of the hobby ha !
@ mary(looks like its going to stick) yeah the flying wing thing is just way out there! Even working on this shape it pops into your head "shite I forgot to do the tail or where's the stabilisers" weird to work on!

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