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Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:14 pm

Just thinking (I don't do it that often) with all the commotion down in Dixie and the coverage on the news of the Lefty horror once they had discovered that after god knows how many years that Confederate Statues and flags on poles were on their door step could we see now a withdrawal of the General Lee Tank and other models named after 'not so popular now' People from the Model Shop Shelves.

I would hate to see some of the Antifa nuts would do to the Armour shelves in the local model shops one they spot one of these kits in the shop. @o) . Even the British Version would be banjaxed!!

The Ship Modellers could be in trouble too!! Take the George Washington for Instance. [smilie=yikes.gif]

Its is strange ol World.


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Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:50 pm

i think the pc attitude can be taken a bit too far sometimes.........in theory anything german should be banned cos its associated with the nazis and what they did......perhaps anything british should be banned since they controlled the slave trade in africa/americas and the drug trade in china back in the day.......and why not anything american since they devastated the native american population in the first place!!!

i think we shouldnt irradicate these symbols, should be kept to remind future generations of the bad times in history, just like they have done with auschwitz

its all about education
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