Hannants - Hasegawa Specials ! 03/03/2013

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Re: Hannants - Hasegawa Specials ! 03/03/2013

Postby Vinny » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:19 pm

modeller wrote:I often see traders doing the rounds before the show opens looking under the tables as well and seen kits bought and then appear on the trade stand with a suitable mark up...

The swine! [smilie=pdt_nunu.gif]

Hannants are great for the 10% discount. I usually bang in an order with them if I'm going to Telford or an airshow they're attending. I'll definitely have to organise something with the regarding paints at some show in the future... now that the restrictions are in place with Royal Mail. :roll: You've got a very nice setup with your Hannants contact :o)b

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