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No rules police here! It's all common sense and courtesy.
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Welcome to Irish Scale Modeller and we're very happy that you've decided to become part of the community! We don't want to hold you up from joining in with the chat but please take a little time out to read the little blurb below.

On the Irish Scale Modeller (ISM) Forum there are no "Rules Police" and definitely no "Thought Police" (and no people who think they are either). We live in a world of rules so another set of rules is the last thing we need. Instead we shall go with forum etiquette... which is basically common sense and courtesy. :o)b

Here on ISM, we believe in mutual respect for fellow modellers. When posting, be respectful and take into consideration those who may be viewing your posts. Be mindful of age, gender, race, religion etc. Keep things light-hearted and clean. Think before posting and avoid topics of political or religious content. Don't post, or link to, anything you would not want your own child to see. Try to keep foul language to a minimum (the strong kind anyway), there are plenty of smilies at your disposal to express you emotions. [smilie=censored.gif]

When posting links, please indicate what they point to. Links that are posted without clarification can be viewed as harmful to computers and will be treated as spam. :o(p

ISM views every member as an independent modeller no matter what club or society they are a member of. ISM was set up to be an independent resource, free from the constraints of constitutions and hierarchy. Therefore, for the matter of fairness on those ISM members who choose not to join clubs, we must insist that no club business of any kind (or from any club) be discussed on the forums. Club politics tends to bring down moods, can cause arguments and generally turns people away from using forums. Please keep club business to the relevant club websites/forums.

Please keep in mind that the admin staff does its very best to provide an open environment where posters can share their views, but if those views, or the way they are expressed, are inflammatory or offensive to other posters or groups of people in general (because of race, religion, colour etc), then administrative action may be taken against the poster. Therefore, any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be subject to restrictions without warning. Use common sense, be considerate and courteous. In other words, treat other people in the way that you would want to be treated. Of course, if you like to be treated badly then this forum isn't for you and you might be better off seeking help elsewhere. ISM is a chilled-out zone to discuss modelling and we'd like to keep it that way. We want people to enjoy their time on here, learn something, maybe leave with a smile but importantly, keep returning.

We don't want the authorities after us so please don't post any links to warez, illegal P2P, illegal download sites and avoid any discussion about illegal software downloads in topics.

Posts should be of a positive nature whenever possible. Most people don't like criticism so when posting in the 'Ready for Inspection' sections, there's no point in saying something is wrong when the model is finished. If posting a criticism be respectful and offer constructive criticism e.g. suggesting how something could be improved with a different technique in the next build. And remember there's always the Private Messaging system available to you if you must point something out while saving any embarrassment. Please do offer advice and experience during 'Work In Progress' builds as this could be beneficial to everyone following the topic. It will then be up to the modeller to decide whether or not to take any advice/corrections given. :oj

Modelling is just a hobby and not to be taken seriously. The most important thing is to have fun while on ISM and if you like it then please tell your friends. :D

Happy Modelling!!

The ISM Admin Team

No one likes an irritating pleb who gets on everyone's nerves! :)
(Pleb: -n, one who's inferior intelligence results in them making a complete titface out of themselves in public)

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